Allow me to introduce you to a unique family of watches. These Swiss-made watches have only one hand, and a 24-hour dial. 

Founders Corvin Lask and Christopher Noerskau created this unique watch to help them try to take back their own time; they wanted to stop seeing minutes and seconds rush by, and rather just focus on moments throughout a day. 

Being a minimalist and constantly intrigued with the construct of time, I was immediately drawn to this watch. Below are some photos and comments on the unboxing of my Slow Jo 14.

Upon opening the box, you're greeted with a manual detailing how to set the time on your watch. The time setting process is odd; they stress and stress that you should only rotate the hand clockwise. I'm not well versed in watch winding practices, so perhaps this is normal. 

The watch presentation is beautiful, and consistent with the minimal design of the watch. 

The packaging consists of dense foam around the watch case, and cardboard for the rest. 

The stainless steel watch case measures 38mm (width) and is 9.50mm thick (including glass). The glass is extra hardened K1 mineral glass. 

The band is an anthracite canvas strap with calf leather lining and it feels wonderful.

It's important to note that the watch band runs small. Their website notes that it "fits all wrists from 135 - 195mm circumference"; my wrist measures about 190. I use the 3rd hole from the end of the band, but this doesn't really bug me. 

The watch has indeed changed the way I see time. As I check my watch throughout the day, I'm acutely aware of how much time is left in "today". It truly encourages the wearer to slow down, and to question how one has spent their day. 

Check out the article that the New York Times wrote: http://nyti.ms/17Ofteb

And of course, their website: https://www.slow-watches.com/